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Here’s How Much School Uniform To Buy for Reception Class Children

Sending your little one off to reception class is an exciting milestone. However, if you’re new to the world of back-to-school shopping, knowing how much school uniform to buy can be a challenge.  You might be wondering what to buy for reception class or asking questions like “ How many polo tops for school?” or […]

How to Wash a School Blazer

Your child’s school blazer is an important part of the school uniform, so keeping it clean and presentable is crucial. Taking care of school blazers also extends the lifespan, meaning they can be handed down to siblings, saving you money in the future. We know that washing a blazer at home can feel daunting, so […]

How to Measure For a School Blazer

how to measure for a school blazer

Picking out the perfect school blazer size is an important step in having a blazer that not only looks good and feels comfy to wear, but also stands the test of time. Whether your child is starting a new school year, moving schools or you’re a parent looking to ensure the perfect fit, understanding how […]

The Ultimate School Uniform Checklist

school uniform checklist

Back-to-school season is upon us and we want to ensure you have everything your child needs for a successful school year. For over two decades, we’ve been helping parents prepare for the new school term with top-quality school uniforms and we know how tricky it can be to remember everything. If you prefer to buy […]