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James Watt Primary School

James Watt Primary is based in Handsworth, Birmingham and provides education from Reception through to Year 6. With a vision of curiosity, creativity and confidence, the school aims to prepare their pupils for lifelong learning and to equip them with the skills and knowledge to be part of the global community. James Watt Primary encourages success through the exploration of new skills and experiences.

James Watt Primary and Gogna are pleased to be working together to provide pupils’ official school uniform.

Why Gogna?

At Gogna, we produce school uniform of only the highest quality, cut and produced by trained tailors. We not only meet all legal clothing requirements but surpass our mere obligations, demonstrating our commitment to our customers.

We’re also committed to reducing our impact on the environment. We’re proud to announce that many of our products are made in the UK. Ethically, you can’t beat UK manufacturing and sustainability is controlled with our UK partners.

Finally, Gogna is committed to its staff. We follow all aspects of the Ethical Trading Institution’s base code which ensures everyone involved with our products are treated and paid fairly. We also ensure that they enjoy a healthy, positive working environment.

Payment options

Gogna offers parents a range of ways to pay. Should you wish to pay immediately, we accept PayPal on our website, and cash and card in our store. Alternatively, parents can spread payments thanks to our agreement with Klarna.

For parents looking for a uniform that stands up to the rough and tumble of school life that’s also produced locally and ethically, Gogna is the supplier of choice.

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