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Leamington Athletics Academy

Established in 2011, Leamington Athletics Academy is a multi-event athletics club affiliated with England Athletics. It offers world-class athletics training to children aged 4 to 18 in all field and track events, and a full-body fitness bootcamp from age 14 and above. The motto is play-practice-perform. The Academy currently has over 400 members who can enjoy twenty sessions spread over three days.

Gogna is delighted to be the official sports kit provider to Leamington Athletics Academy.

Why Gogna?

Gogna upholds the same high standards as Leamington Athletics Academy. We produce sports kit from only the highest quality materials, using trained tailors for the best cut and fit.

Gogna ensures that all of its sport kit not only meets UK legal regulations, but exceeds our mere obligations, for clothing parents can trust. We’re proud to announce that many of our products are made in the UK. Ethically, you can’t beat UK manufacturing and sustainability is controlled with our UK partners.

Gogna is also committed to its employees. We follow all aspects of the Ethical Trading Institution’s base code, which commits us to treating and paying all of our staff fairly. We also ensure that everyone involved with producing our clothing has a healthy and positive working environment.


Kit should be ordered through the Leamington Athletics Academy before the 25th of the month. It will be supplied in around two weeks and should be collected from the Club.

For sports kit that’s just as hardworking as your children, Gogna is delighted to be Leamington Athletics Academy supplier of choice.

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