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Mansfield Green Primary School

Mansfield Primary Academy is based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. It is part of the Greenwood Academy Trust, founded in 2009. The school describes itself as a small school with big ambitions to contribute to the community and strive for excellence. It aims to give children the best possible start to their education and is proud of the variety of opportunities available to its children.

Gogna is proud to have been selected as Mansfield Primary Academy’s uniform supplier of choice.

Why Gogna?

Children can be hard on their clothes, which is why Gogna ensures that its uniforms are hard wearing and durable. We use only the highest quality materials and employ trained tailors for the best fit and cut.

As a responsible clothing manufacturer, we are required to meet certain legal requirements. At Gogna we are proud that we more than meet our mere obligations. We’re proud to announce that many of our products are made in the UK. Ethically, you can’t beat UK manufacturing and sustainability is controlled with our UK partners.

We’re committed to the welfare of everyone involved with producing our school uniforms. That’s why we’re also committed to the Ethical Trading Institution’s base code. This ensures fair treatment and pay for all of our staff, plus a positive, healthy working environment.

Payment options

Gogna understands that uniforms can represent a significant outlay. That’s why we offer the option of paying up-front or over a period of time. For those who want to pay up-front, we offer PayPal on our website or take cash or card in our store. Alternatively, we offer Klarna for interest-free payments.

For parents looking for uniform that will stand the test of time that’s also produced ethically, Gogna is the perfect choice.

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