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Gogna Schoolwear and Sports Supports Barrow Hill Academy School Free School Uniform Initiative

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Gogna Schoolwear and Sports Supports Free School Uniform Initiative

Gogna Schoolwear was featured on the news! As a part of our commitment to providing children with high-quality school uniforms, we recently visited Barrow Hill Academy School in Chesterfield to hand out schoolwear to pupils. In an effort to support families and ease the burden of buying school-specific uniforms, Barrow Hill Academy School purchased uniforms from Gogna Schoolwear and Sports for 96 of its pupils and this was featured on the ITV news! As a leading schoolwear supplier, we proudly partnered with the Schoolwear Association and joined their Every Child is Worth It campaign. The campaign mirrors our philosophy that all children should feel confident and on par with their peers in a complete school-specific uniform. 

What is the Schoolwear Association?

The Schoolwear Association is an organisation dedicated to promoting and supporting the schoolwear industry. As a trade association, its main focus is to represent school uniform retailers, suppliers and manufacturers across the UK. The association works towards ensuring high standards of quality and sustainability and they collaborate with schools to provide guidance on uniform policies. As a top school uniform retailer, Gogna became a member of the Schoolwear Association so we can continue to be an active part of a campaign that strives to ensure no child is left out when it comes to branded school uniforms. 

What Did Gogna Do to Help?

The team at Gogna travelled from our base in Birmingham to Barrow Hill Academy, Chesterfield with our school uniform bundles. We helped the school to supply 96 pupils with a complete school uniform which included:

  • Two pairs of school trousers or two school skirts
  • Two school jumpers or two school cardigans
  • Two school shirts
  • A PE kit
  • School book bag

At Gogna, we understand how important it is for all pupils to have a proper school uniform and in the current cost of living crisis, we realise that this isn’t an easy feat for all parents. According to a report by the Schoolwear Association, not only does a school-specific uniform help to promote a sense of pride and belonging in pupils for their school but also “3 in 4 parents and guardians agree that a school-specific uniform helps to counteract bullying in school”.  

With some parents paying an average of £287 for primary school uniforms (according to a poll by The Children’s Society), we know how important it is for parents to have affordable schoolwear options. This is why we are committed to being a part of a campaign where schools help families ease the financial pressures of purchasing school uniforms.

Gogna Schoolwear and Sports Supports Free School Uniform Initiative
Credit: ITV News and

At Gogna, we are delighted to be members of the Schoolwear Association as we know how much of a positive impact a full school uniform can have on the well-being of school children. You can watch our feature on ITV News here

Premium School Uniforms from Gogna Schoolwear

For well over four decades, Gogna Schoolwear and Sports has been known for supplying premium schoolwear and we’ve grown to become a name parents can trust year after year. We stock a complete range of school-branded uniforms for many primary and secondary schools in the Midlands. Our collection includes an inclusive range of plus-size school uniforms to ensure every child has the option to find well-fitted, affordable school attire. Discover our full range of boys school uniforms, girls school uniforms and branded school uniform selections.

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