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How to Measure For a School Blazer

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how to measure for a school blazer

Picking out the perfect school blazer size is an important step in having a blazer that not only looks good and feels comfy to wear, but also stands the test of time. Whether your child is starting a new school year, moving schools or you’re a parent looking to ensure the perfect fit, understanding how to measure for a school blazer is essential for having a smart-looking school uniform.

How to Measure For a Blazer

At Gogna, our range of boys’ school blazers and girls’ school blazers are sized by chest measurements in inches, rather than age.  To start, you’ll need to have a flexible measuring tape and your child should be in light clothing so you can get correct measurements.  

If you don’t have a flexible measuring tape, you can download and print a measuring tape at home.

How to Measure Chest Size For a School Blazer

To get the correct-sized school blazer, start by measuring the fullest part of the chest. 

Wrap the tape measure around the chest, under the armpits, and across the shoulder blades. Ensure the tape is snug but not too tight, allowing for comfortable movement. A good rule of thumb is if you can fit a finger under the tape, then it’s just right. Measure in inches and make a note.

  • For primary school children, you may need to move the tape a few inches below the armpit and measure across the chest.
  • You may find that the fullest part of the chest is lower for secondary school students, so adjust the tape accordingly.
  • For older girls, measure the fullest part of the bust and measure the waist to ensure you get the best fit. To measure the waist, get your child to find the space below their ribs and above their hip and wrap the measuring tape around this point. Make sure the tape remains horizontal and snug but not too tight. Ask your child to breathe naturally and avoid sucking in their tummy or sticking it out. Record your measurements in inches.

How to Measure Sleeve Length

Start by placing the tape measure at the top of the shoulder. Measure the length from the shoulder to the wrist for the sleeve. Ask your child to extend their arm slightly when taking this measurement as it will allow for the natural bend of the elbow. The goal is to achieve a sleeve length that covers the wrist without restricting movement.

How Should a School Blazer Fit?

Now we know how to find the size we need, the next question is “How should a blazer fit?” Many parents make the mistake of buying a school blazer that is far too big hoping their child will grow into it and it will last longer. Oversized, ill-fitting school blazers not only look bad but can affect the child’s movement as sleeves get in the way and it can also make them feel self-conscious. A well-fitted blazer contributes to confidence, comfort, and overall appearance. When you’ve taken correct measurements, use them as a guide for buying the correct-sized school blazer and avoid sizing up more than one size if possible. 

How Should Blazer Shoulders Fit?

There should be a small amount of room in the shoulders without the shoulder seam extending too far past the natural shoulder line. When the blazer is buttoned or closed, the shoulders should lie smoothly without any visible dents or wrinkles. Dents and puckers in the shoulders will indicate that the blazer is too big. Make sure your child can move their arms freely and if you notice any pulling around the shoulders, the blazer may be too tight.

How Should Blazer Sleeves Fit?

The sleeves of a school blazer should sit just below the wrists when your child’s arms are at their sides. To ensure a proper fit, do a movement test. Get your child to fold their arms across their chest and ask them how the blazer feels. It should feel comfortable and not too tight across the back. 

School Blazer Size Guide

To make fitting a blazer even easier, here are the size guides for our boys’ and girls’ school blazers. Please note that these are garment measurements, not body measurements and are based on British standard sizing.

Boys School Blazer Size Guide

boys school blazer size guide
boys school blazer size guide

Girls School Blazer Size Guide

girls school blazer size guide
girls school blazer size guide
girls school blazer size guide

Shop our range of School Blazers

Now you know how to measure your child for a school blazer, it’s time to start shopping. If you’re looking for high-quality school blazers for boys and girls, our selection has it all. 

We supply a wide variety of unbranded school blazers in traditional school colours like black, grey and navy as well as contemporary colour options like maroon, royal blue and bottle green. We also carry school-specific uniforms for many schools in the West Midlands, so you can shop by school to find a specific school blazer.

For more information about sizing or to enquire about plus sizes, contact our helpful team online or call us on 0121 523  5572.

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