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Canterbury Cross Primary School

Situated in Handsworth, Birmingham, Canterbury Cross Primary School has over 400 pupils that together share in the school’s policy of SHARE: safety, health and happiness, achievement, respect, and equality. These underpin the school’s ethos and inform everything that they do.

As part of their commitment to these values, Canterbury Cross Primary School has chosen Gogna as their official school uniform provider.

Why Gogna?

With Gogna, you can be confident that you’re getting hard wearing clothing made of only the highest quality materials. Our uniforms are ideally suited for the kind of wear children can have on their clothes.

We’re also committed to producing our clothes ethically and fairly. Our clothes exceed our mere legal requirements. We’re proud to announce that many of our products are made in the UK. Ethically, you can’t beat UK manufacturing and sustainability is controlled with our UK partners. This means that our environmental impact is minimised.

We also ensure that all of our staff and suppliers are treated fairly. At Gogna, we’re committed to the Ethical Trading Institution’s base code which means that we pay our staff fairly for their work, and ensure that they have the best possible working environment.

Payment options

At Gogna, we understand that school uniform can be a major outlay. That’s why we offer parents a range of payment methods. For those wishing to pay immediately, you can pay online via PayPal or via cash or card in our store. Alternatively , if you wish to spread the cost, we offer the option of Klarna.

For parents looking for a school uniform they can trust to be high quality and hard wearing, and who also care for the environment, then Gogna is the uniform supplier of choice.

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