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The Ultimate School Uniform Checklist

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school uniform checklist

Back-to-school season is upon us and we want to ensure you have everything your child needs for a successful school year. For over two decades, we’ve been helping parents prepare for the new school term with top-quality school uniforms and we know how tricky it can be to remember everything. If you prefer to buy school uniform online, our back-to-school checklist can steer you in the right direction. Whether your child is moving to a new secondary school or they’re getting ready for the first day in school ever, our back-to-school uniform checklist will help you get everything you need for successful school uniform shopping.

Primary School Uniform 

Getting the little ones into a smart primary school uniform for the first time is a memorable moment. From preschoolers to year 6 students, our easy-to-wear school clothes not only make your child feel like a part of the school community but can also keep them feeling cool and comfortable during the long school days. All of our primary school wear is long-lasting, machine washable and made to stay looking as good at the end of term as it does at the beginning of the school year. If your school requires students to wear branded school uniforms, you can check out our schools section. Find your school in our list to see all of the branded primary schoolwear in one place. Alternatively, get in touch with a member of our team who will be willing to help you.

School Jumpers and Cardigans

The humble school jumper or cardigan is an essential part of the junior school uniform and is often one of the easiest ways to identify your primary school. We recommend buying two or three school jumpers or cardigans so you’ll always have backups. As younger children can sometimes misplace items, remember to add name labels, especially for school jumpers so they can be returned if lost. Be sure to check with your school whether cardigans and jumpers must be branded with the school’s logo. Check out our range of unbranded school jumpers and school cardigans in a wide range of colours and sizes.

School Skirts and Trousers

Nothing beats a crisply pleated school skirt or a smart pair of school trousers when it comes to classic schoolwear. We recommend buying two or three pairs of hard-wearing school trousers and at least two skirts. Our junior school skirts come in a range of school-appropriate colours and you can choose either a straight school skirt or a pleated style. We also stock boys pull-on school trousers and elasticated waist trousers to make it easier for independent school kids to dress themselves. Browse through our range of school skirts and school trousers.

Polo Shirts For Schools 

Breathable and comfortable school polo shirts are a staple in any school wardrobe. We recommend buying at least one for each school day, so five school polo shirts are a good place to start. Some schools require shirts to carry the school logo so be sure to check before buying. We carry a wide range of plain polo shirts for school in a wide range of colours. Whether your child needs a red polo shirt or a yellow polo shirt, we’ve got you covered. Explore our selection of school polo shirts. 

Need a traditional style shirt for school with a collar and a button-down front? We carry classic boys school shirts and girls school shirts in small sizes, perfect for reception-aged pupils.

School Socks and Tights

When you shop for school uniforms, don’t forget school socks and school tights. We carry traditional girls knee-high socks and tights in grey, navy and black as well as boys school socks in ankle-length styles. Our short school socks come in convenient packs of 3 pairs, so be sure to buy enough to last the entire school week. Check out our range of school socks and tights.

School Bookbags

Primary school kids need somewhere to put their reading books and homework and we have a selection of school book bags that are just the ticket. Some schools may require book bags to carry the school’s logo so be sure to check before buying. If you need unbranded school bags, take a look at our selection. We supply a range of school-specific colours so you can find the right book bag to match your child’s school uniform. The bag’s easy-to-open velcro fastening and adjustable straps are ideal for young students. Choose a colourful school book bag from our collection to complete the primary school wardrobe.

Primary School PE Kit

PE lessons need the right attire and we carry everything active pupils need. Whether they are learning ball skills, trying out gymnastics moves or playing dodgeball, our PE kits fit the bill. Many schools have a standard PE kit consisting of black shorts and a white t-shirt however we supply PE t-shirts in a variety of colours. When it’s time to dive into swimming lessons, we sell swimming shorts and swimming costumes that complete the kit. Pop the sportswear or swimming kits in one of our drawstring PE kit bags and your kids will be all set for the school term. 

Secondary School Uniform

When it comes to buying secondary school uniforms, there are a few more factors to consider. Firstly, secondary school uniforms tend to be more formal and often include blazers, ties, and specific dress codes that reflect the school’s traditions and values. Next, you’ll have to consider the jump in size and ensure you select the right sizes to accommodate teenage growth spurts. At Gogna we are passionate about size inclusivity so be sure to ask about our plus size school uniforms. Since secondary schools have stricter rules around schoolwear, we recommend checking the school’s uniform policy thoroughly. To make things easier, you can use our website to find your child’s school to see the complete uniforms. There you will find all of the branded schoolwear for each school including PE kits. If you are still unsure don’t worry, the team at Gogna is happy to assist you in finding the perfect secondary school uniform.

School Blazers

Wearing a school blazer marks an important transition for kids as they move into secondary school. Not only do they look smart and grown up but they feel it too. You’ll probably only need one school blazer but be sure to get the right size. We have a unique size guide that will help you choose the right one. If your school doesn’t require blazers to carry a logo, we have a selection in a variety of colours that meet school requirements. Check out our range of girls school blazers and boys school blazers

Secondary School Trousers 

For secondary school students, boys school trousers and girls school trousers are more stylish with a tailored look. Since older children are often not as hard on their uniform as their younger counterparts, buying two pairs of school trousers should be sufficient. With side and back pockets and convenient belt loops, our school trousers are as functional as they are trendy. Comfort is still an important factor which is why you’ll find trousers with elasticated waistbands and trousers made with comfy fabric blends that include Lycra for easy movement. Browse our range of senior boys school trousers and senior girls school trousers.

Secondary School Skirts

Looking for a simple straight school skirt or a traditional pleated skirt for school? Whatever your preference, our skirts will complement any school wardrobe. Grab at least two school skirts to add to the school wardrobe and you’re all set. Our secondary school skirts are available in grey, navy and black and we also stock plus sizes. 

Secondary School Jumpers and School Cardigans

From knitted V-neck jumpers to crew neck sweatshirts our range of school jumpers and cardigans cover all of your needs. Whether you need a green school jumper in size 2 X-large or an extra small school jumper in grey, we have it all. Buy two or three jumpers or cardigans to add to your child’s uniform collection and they will be set up for the school year. Check out our range of secondary school jumpers and school cardigans.

School Blouses and School Shirts

Secondary schools often choose school shirts and blouses of the woven variety. The stiff collars and button-down front of a traditional school shirt are the epitome of a smart school uniform. Whether your child prefers a long-sleeved school shirt or a short-sleeved school shirt we recommend buying at least five so they are equipped for the week. From crisp white school shirts to green school blouses our range of colours will meet your school’s requirements. When it comes to girls school shirts, you can find classic open-style revere collar blouses in traditional school colours. Take a closer look at our boys school shirts and our girls school shirts.

Secondary School PE Kits

Our school list will have all of the branded school uniform options available but if you need unbranded PE kits for secondary school, our selection of sportswear is for you. We carry kids’ base layers and tracksuit pants, ideal for outdoor sports as well as standard PE shorts, PE t-shirts, swim shorts and swimming costumes. Depending on how many times a week your child has PE lessons, you may need to buy more than one PE kit. When it comes to team sports, we have a range of football socks and sports socks so whether they are joining the school football team or playing hockey, they will be fully kitted out.

School Stationery 

No back to school preparation checklist would be complete without mentioning school stationery. In addition to supplying high-quality schoolwear we also stock a range of school essentials such as pencil cases, maths sets, calculators and coloured pens. Since secondary school students will need more stationery than primary school pupils, be sure to stock up on everything while buying school uniforms. Find out more about our school stationery.

School Uniform Name Labels

Once you’ve bought a complete school uniform, you’ll want to make sure it is clearly labelled with your child’s name and classroom to prevent any mixups. We supply iron on labels in packs of 40 to make it easier to keep track of school items. Check out our school uniform name tags.

School Uniform Bundles

At Gogna, we want to make school uniform shopping as simple and convenient as possible which is why we have put together a selection of school uniform bundles. These packages contain a full school uniform for secondary students and primary school kids at competitive prices. If you prefer to buy school uniform in a hassle-free way, take a look at our school uniform offers.

Your Trusted School Uniform Supplier

If you’re looking for the best place to buy school uniforms, your search stops here. Parents have been trusting Gogna to supply top quality school uniforms for over twenty years. Not only do we supply uniforms, we also manufacture them here in the UK, which makes us experts in all types of schoolwear. If you are interested in plus size school uniforms or need specialised uniforms to accommodate disabilities, we can also discuss bespoke options. Contact online us today with any enquiries or call us on 0121 368 7514 to discuss your requirements.

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