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Garment Design Service

Irrespective of your style requirements, our in-house design experts have the experience and knowledge to create a uniform your school can be proud of. No matter which garments you require, be it blazers, jumpers, ties or jackets, we have been creating school uniforms of exceptional quality and value for over 40 years

Bespoke Uniform Manufacturing

We take a holistic approach to our manufacturing as well as our design. We appreciate your school’s uniform needs to be durable and presentable, performing to a high standard over the long term. That’s why we don’t outsource anything, every school uniform item we’ve ever made has been made right here in the UK by experienced sewers and seamstresses. 

We have a five step process to manufacturing great schoolwear, and each garment we produce has to meet the following five requirements:

1. Quality

Our items must be of high quality, they must be durable and they must be manufactured with longevity in mind, looking their best even when worn and washed again and again.

2. Consistency

Our items must look the same after 100 washes and wears as they did when they were brand new. We make sure colours don’t fade, garments don’t lose their shape and stitching doesn’t come undone, ensuring your pupils can be as proud to wear their uniform as they did the day they first wore it.

3. Comprehensive offering

Our uniform must be available in a considerable size range to account for all pupils. It can be difficult to find unconventionally sized uniforms elsewhere, we ensure that we take this into account and we don’t charge any extra for it. Additionally we take into consideration any special needs that may be involved, making sure that no matter your requirements, we can fulfil them.

4. Continuity

Your school’s uniform needs to look the same, it damages your sense of belonging if your supplier has to switch to a different material or colour halfway through the year due to availability issues. We ensure we use high quality fabrics with good availability to ensure that no matter when it was manufactured, all your uniform looks the same.

5. Value

We recognise that school uniforms can be expensive, and some parents struggle to pay the extortionate prices quoted by some suppliers. We ensure that our uniform performs to the highest quality while being delivered at a reasonable and competitive price point. We thoroughly believe that our uniform is the best value for money you will find from any national supplier.

Our sample and approval process

We undertake a five-step process when becoming your school uniform supplier, ensuring that we fully understand your requirements and produce a uniform to the highest possible standards. We do all of this free of charge.


We visit your school to discuss and understand your current uniform, what your requirements are, which specific items of uniform you require and consult with you to discuss how we can best suit your needs. We also help you understand our processes so you know exactly what to expect from us.

Uniform Policy

Following our consultation, we define your school’s uniform policy in agreement with you after incorporating your school’s colours, design and logo. We recognise that your school’s colours and logo are hugely important to your school and your pupils, and we apply all our 40+ years experience to design a uniform that perfectly encapsulates your school’s ethics and values.

Sample Manufacture

After you have approved the designs, we manufacture physical samples with embroidered logos in our UK manufacturing facilities in Leicester and Birmingham. We then pass these over to you for inspection. We do all of this free of charge, we do not charge for production of samples, and can manufacture samples within 10 days.

Pricing and Package Pricing

We produce marketing literature and leaflets to distribute to your school’s parents, making it easy and cost effective for them to purchase your school uniform from us.

School SMT and Governor Approval

We then consult with your schools senior management team and governors board to sign-off on the samples and begin manufacture.

Why Choose Gogna as Your School Uniform Supplier?

With our manufacturing expertise of over 40 years, as well as UK-based production and manufacturing facilities, we are experts in school uniform production and we know what it takes to produce a high-quality uniform your pupils can be proud of. 

We take the time to understand your needs to produce a uniform that creates a sense of belonging, and proudly displays your school’s values and principles – as well as making your uniform as affordable as possible with zero compromises on quality.

If you are interested in us becoming your school’s uniform supplier, please get in touch to begin our consultation process.

We have over 40 years of experience across the Midlands

Manufacturing here in Birmingham. Sustainability and consistency with local UK manufacturing.

Very happy to be your alternative supplier as we know trust & partnership is not built overnight.

Confidence and financial security since 2021. We are the longest established family-owned school uniform manufacturer in the Midlands.


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