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We can supply uniform to schools and parents in a number of ways, demonstrating the flexibility and agility you will enjoy when selecting us as your schools main or alternative uniform supplier. 

Direct to Parents

Gogna Schoolwear has a number of ways of selling directly to parents, making it easy for parents to purchase uniform for their children. What’s more, with an easy payment scheme option open to all parents, we make school uniform purchasing simple, accessible and convenient.

We sell to parents in a number of ways.

1-day shop at your school

We come to your school for one day where we set up a shop, complete with stations for each item of uniform, a checkout as well as friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff to help parents choose the right uniform for their children. 

We provide a complete personal service to your parents, and we allow uniform to be tried on, purchased and ordered. This is a great option for those who cannot get to our store and do not want to purchase uniform before their child has tried it on.

We have expert product knowledge of everything we sell and ensure that no matter what questions or queries your parents have, we will be able to answer them and put them at ease.

This is supported by our online shop option; if parents do not want to place an order on the day they are welcome to try on whatever they wish and order online at a later date. We can also take orders by mail and over the telephone.

Using this method we make all sales directly to parents without involving the school.

Direct to School

With this option, we can sell all items of uniform directly to the school, meaning the school takes control of the distribution and sale to parents. We will hold onto the stock until you place an order. You can either do this online, by fax, via email, mail order or telephone. 

Once we receive your order, all items will be delivered to the school within 5 working days.

You will then make all sales directly to parents without involving us.

We have over 40 years of experience across the Midlands.

Manufacturing here in Birmingham. Sustainability and consistency with local UK manufacturing.

Very happy to be your alternative supplier as we know trust & partnership is not built overnight.

Confidence and financial security since 2021. We are the longest established family-owned school uniform manufacturer in the Midlands.


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