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Our senior straight school skirt adds a professional touch to the traditional secondary school uniform. Made from a high-quality blend of polyester and viscose, this stylish straight school skirt also contains a small amount of Lycra which makes it extra comfortable as well as gives the skirt a superb fit.
This sturdy combination of fabrics used in our straight school skirt also gives our school skirts durability, making them long-lasting and tough enough to withstand the rigours of daily school life as well as multiple washes in the washing machine.
In addition to soft stretch fabric, our school pencil skirts sport a single back vent which makes climbing stairs and moving between classes easy. Design features like the concealed adjustable structured waist and hidden side zip fastening with a single button make our senior straight school skirts easy to wear all day as well as functional. We’ve also added a discreet zip pocket to hold small school items safely.
At Gogna we think it’s important to provide high-quality stylish school uniforms for all students. This is why our senior straight school skirt is size inclusive with a choice of lengths including 18”, 20”, 22” and 24” long school skirts. Our collection also includes plus-size school skirts up to 46” waist.

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Waist 22/20 Length, Waist 24/18 Length, Waist 24/20 Length, Waist 24/22 Length, Waist 26/18 Length, Waist 26/20 Length, Waist 26/22 Length, Waist 28/18 Length, Waist 28/20 Length, Waist 28/22 Length, Waist 28/24 Length, Waist 30/20 Length, Waist 30/22 Length, Waist 30/24 Length, Waist 32/22 Length, Waist 32/24 Length



Senior Straight Black School Skirt