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Safety is paramount and our kids’ gumshield is designed to provide maximum protection. Suitable for children over 10 years old, our kids’ mouthguard is crafted from non-toxic materials and is latex-free. While not suitable for children with fixed braces, the stretch zones within our kids’ gumshield allow it to fit almost any mouth and the wide open palate makes speech and breathing easy whilst the mouthguard is being worn. Whether it’s for rugby, hockey, martial arts or any contact sport, our kids’ mouthguard offers peace of mind for parents and gives children confidence during activities. This kids’ gum shield comes with a specially designed case for protection and the mouthguard features a handle to make fitting simple.
The easy-to-fit kids’ mouthguard features 11 fins that break down when moulding to provide a superior custom-fit inner channel.

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Kids’ Gum Shield